"Punch" Brand Fortified Wine Bottle from Denmark


Rare, nearly 100 year old "Punch" brand fortified wine bottle from Denmark, Circa 1922. This treasure was found in a container of antiques from Amsterdam and was a product of Jan-Willem Siebrand, a successful entrepreneur who elevated various wine production items and bottlings into the grocery business throughout the Netherlands and Europe.

Unlike anything we've found before in collectible bottles, the Punch brand was meant as an elixir or digestive, particularly when added to hot water for health benefits. The graphics on the front of the bottle are excellent, showing the hot teapot and some basic instructions in the local language. J. W. Siebrand is still in business today with modern cherry and grape wine bottlings and other alcoholic beverages.

The bottle measures 12" tall or high, and it is 3.5" in diameter holding around 650 millilitres. The clear glass bottle was blown ornately with rounded collars at the neck, and the original cork is partially intact. Siebrand used to pound the corks into bottles by hand, with a rubber mallet.