Antique Wooden Tea Shipping Box


We are selling a bit of history with this antique wooden tea shipping box Circa 1919 from Joannes Brothers Importers and Grocers of Green Bay, Wisconsin. The three Joannes brothers founded their grocery in 1872 with new locations for importing and shipping groceries, coffee and tea in 1916. The company survived into the 1940s.

This box has no lid, but is in pretty good condition considering its age. There are only graphics remaining on the front of the shipping box. It held 20, half pound packages of "Gunpowder" Tea - a type of tea still popular today.

It measures 12.75" wide X 7.9" deep and it is 11" tall or high. Hinges are still intact where the lid once was. Graphic peeling, knicks and imperfections are to be expected due to the age of the item. Sold As Is.